>Sorted out at last


So yesterday I came up with the bright idea of playing around with the layout on here.

Two problems with that:

  1. It’s done in CSS. What appears to be very complicated CSS.
  2. I know no CSS whatsoever.

So yeah it can safely be said that was not one of my best ideas ever. And I managed to mess things up so badly that the only way I could fix it was to uninstall wordpress and reinstall it.

Thankfully, powweb.com, my webhost had backed up my data up until yesterday morning and so I downloaded that before I wiped the database and I have all of my content other than yesterdays picture entry up again Albeit in a very managled horribly unformatted way. And in the process I managed to sort my layout out so it was how I wanted. So that’s a bonus too!
Sometimes I wish life’s messes were as easily sorted with undo and redo buttons as this was! Although it didn’t feel particularly easily sorted at the time…

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