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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about my job

1…. I am a volunteer adviser for Citizen’s Advice Bureau

2. To start with I was an admin assistant there for a couple of months.

3. I started there on Sept 1st 2004

4. And I started my adviser training at the end of October that year, I think.

5. I’ve been advising clients since May last year.

6. I’m still training but I hope to get my certificate soon.

7. I have advised about lots of different subjects, the main ones being divorce, debt, benefits, employment, immigration, neighbour disputes, housing.

8. I never know what my day is going to be like when I’m there.

9. I prefer to do face to face client advice.

10. A lot of the time I advise on the phone which I struggle with.

11. I’ve always been something of a passionate activist but CAB has made me more of one.

12. I’ve learnt a lot of valuable lessons about myself and about life whilst working at CAB

13. I love my job (most of the time, at least)

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