>It seemed a fairly ordinary night…

>Let's Do The TimeWarp Again!
Science Fiction, Double Feature... Frank has built and lost his creature...
Damnit, Janet

Last night my Mum and I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show in Oxford.

It was the second time I’ve seen it and the first time Mum saw it. She wants to go back though so I guess she liked it. I enjoyed it more this time because I wasn’t a Virgin (people who are seeing Rocky Horror for the first time are known as virgins) and so I knew more about it like to shout Slut whenever Janet’s name is mentioned and Asshole whenever Brad’s name is mentioned.

And as the pictures show I dressed up this time (click to view larger, as always). Mum dressed up too but she would kill me if I posted those pictures here. We went into Borders before we went to the theatre so we could go to the loo and as we were leaving there several people commented on our outfits, which was pretty cool. I knew people would dress up but Mum was in a right panic about it so she was relieved to see some very daring people in costumes as we got closer to the theatre. I was relieved too because it meant she shut up, LOL. I’d say we were kinda middle of the road, some people didn’t dress up and some people went a lot more dressed up. There were some pretty daring men in basques and suspenders/fishnet stockings too. Gotta Respect that!

I think the main thing with Rocky Horror isn’t the plot, the story line is weird and chaotic and it’s hard to explain. It’s the AP that makes it what it is (AP = Audience Participation). The callbacks and the costumes and waving torches during certain songs etc is what makes it what it is and thats why I love it. A lot of the callbacks are rude and/or sexual which I’m call with but my mother being who she is didn’t catch half of them and had me repeat them for her – repeating very sexual comments to my mother was not something I found fun.

I’m going again when it comes back here.

But for now…

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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