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I think I must have my old friend writer’s block’s younger sister, Blogger’s Block. I have three different topics that I want to write about (although one I want to wait until the situation which made me want to write it is resolved in a few days) and I can’t make my thoughts make sense for any of them.

It’s muchly annoying me.

A question for my fellow Brit’s out there – Do you think that it is very “British” (i.e. is it a cultural thing) to want to avoid making a complaint and causing a fuss?

At work the other day we were talking about wanting to deal with clients quickly and not keep them waiting (especially on the phone) and I had it put to me that that is a very “British” way of thinking and I need to learn to stop that.

And then yesterday I wrote a letter of complaint to my care agency (this is related to the topic I want to talk about in a few days) – I know that I had grounds to complain but my mum told me not too. Which seems lately to be an ongoing theme with her when it comes to problems/issues lately. And it took me several days to make the decision to complain.

It made me wonder if not wanting to make a fuss is a cultural thing – “Stiff upper lip” as they say?

So I wrote the letter and Sarah read it over for me. Then I gave it to yesterdays carer to hand in to the office this afternoon. All of last night and this morning I was debating whether to text my carer and ask her not to give it in. I wanted too, i really really did. But i held steady and made my complaint.

I know that complaining was the best thing to do, not only for me but for any other clients who may or may not have had similar issues with my care agency but for whatever reason either can’t or won’t complain. I know too many people like that, I used to be one of them. And a big part of me still wants to be one of them.

A bigger part of me however (my social conscious) knows that making the complaint was the right thing to do. And I’m going to benefit from that in the long run.

My brain knows that’s all that matters and I’m proud of myself for not doing the “British” thing and letting it go. But I wish my heart was happier about it.

Do you think that it is very “British” (i.e. is it a cultural thing) to want to avoid making a complaint and causing a fuss?

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