>Sunrise Over Uluru


I wish I could claim that I designed this template but whilst I can do HTML with some sembalance of success, everytime I attempt CSS it goes horribly wrong. So I am using a new theme which I found on the wordpress site. It’s very, very me and I love it so it’s all good! And I’m sure the image isn’t of Uluru but it’s what it made me think of and so…
It reminds me of a sunrise or maybe a sunset. And that makes me think of going to watch the sunrise over Uluru (Aboriginal name for Ayers Rock) and then going back later in the day to watch the sunset. That was quite possibly the most beautiful sight I have ever seen, or one of them at least.

I hated having to get up so early and I moaned about it. But it was so nice… Uluru really is an amazing sight to behold.

Wow, that was seven years ago that we spent that December “down under”… it feels like yesterday. But, I turned 17 when I was out there and now I am 24… and in that way it feels like a lifetime ago.

I want to go back, I really, really, really do. Australia and the Australian people with their “No Worries, Mate” attitude is probably the best place I’ve visited. Even in the middle of the outback at Uluru they had a fully accessible disabled toilet and if I asked people to hold a door open or pass me something I couldn’t reach they really did say “No worries”

I wish I could write well enough to capture it’s greatness well enough and do it the justice it deserves.

I can’t, so I’ll just say this – words don’t cut it – you just have to visit.

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