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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Childhood

1…. I was born six weeks early and was in the SCBU for a while
2…. I had to have an NG tube then and pulled it out when I was a few days old – my first mischeif!
3… I was dx with CP when I was two and a half
4… I had three surgeries, the last when I was about 9.
5… I always went to mainstream schools but I had a degree of support there
6… I started horse riding lessons when I was 3 and kept them up till I was 18
7… I won a lego building competition at LegoLand Denmark when I was 8… I made a picture of a camel
8… I loved going to stay with my Gran and Grandad, there was a present under my pillow every night from the “Pillow Fairy”
9…. At 7 I learned to swim and I’ve been a waterbaby ever since
10… My dream job was a journalist
11…Most of my childhood memories are of being happy and loved.
12… I wrote to Jim’ll Fix It and asked to meet Tony Hart (art guy from TV)
13… I loved to read from a young age, Chalet School by Elinor M Brent-Dyer was my favourite.
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