>Questions and Answers and a “Friday Sixteen”

>I almost did a list of all of the plays and musicals I’ve seen at the theatre yesterday for my T13. But, I didn’t think I’d seen anything like 13 so I did my memories of my childhood instead. Then last night I got curious and made a list of what I had seen.

And so, a Friday Sixteen:

  1. Barnum
  2. Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
  3. Rent
  4. Grease (three times)
  5. Rocky Horror (twice)
  6. Fame
  7. Sing-a-Long-a-Abba
  8. Chicago
  9. Lord of The Dance
  10. The Full Monty
  11. Saturday Night Fever
  12. Oliver
  13. Bugsy Malone
  14. Cats
  15. An Inspector Calls
  16. Phantom of The Opera on Ice

Answers to Comments…

No, I never got to meet Tony Hart. You’d have thought Sir Jim’ll Fix It would have jumped at having a skinny little wheelchair user on his show but…
I can’t remember how old I was when I figured out about the Pillow Fairy. I think I might have been seven or eight but…

Lego pictures… my mum might have some but I don’t. I should ask her really. I can remember going back a second time a few days later because we loved it so much and we checked out the board of previous winners in the lego competition room and were shocked to see I won. My dad caught that on the video camera. And at LegoLand in Denmark (I dunno about the one in Windsor, never been) you can send a postcard and it gets a special Lego postmark… we each sent ourselves one and I wrote “I won, I won, I won… Wow!”

Chalet School books – I still love them and I’ve bought a few of the ones I’d not read off of ebay lately. They’re still good 16 years later.

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