>Lots of time off…

>I am feeling a little better than I was when I wrote my earlier update. I should probably have added to that that I feel physically crap today and I’d kind of fallen into that delightful spiral whereby I’m depressed and then I start feeling physically ill and then I get more depressed because I’m sick and then…. A two hour nap and the fact I managed to overcome my nausea and keep a sandwich and some chocolate down has improved the situation immensely. I’m not long off getting what for me is an early night tho.

I have lots of time off coming up. That is something which can only be described as yummy.

I have two five day blocks off in the next month and then I also have from lunchtime on the 24th of April until somewhen in May off (May rota isn’t sorted yet) .

And that week I’m going to the NEC and meeting a uni friend on one of the days (NAIDEX, baby!) and going to London on another… it’s almost like a holiday! I’m also hoping to knock some of my 101 in 1001 off the list during those days.
So if anyone wants to spend the day having some fun with a loud mouth cripple with depressive tendencies, let me know… I have lots of spare time to fill at the moment!!

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