>My carer will (should) be here soon. Just thought I’d type here for a few minutes before she comes. I’ve turned off comments for this post. I find it hard to deal with people’s responses to me when I’m depressed, I just want to use this space to express myself and get it out. I hate that people don’t understand what I go thru but then that’s also good for them because you can’t understand it if you’ve never been thru it and not having gone thru it is a good thing. For them… not so much for me.

I feel sick. Maybe if i ever get around to making a doctors appt they could give me some lovely anti-sickness meds? They are good shit, I’ve had them before when I was 14 and had serious anxiety/depression/nausea/fucked up in the head issues.

I went to the chip shop at lunchtime… didn’t have any food in the house. I don’t think I’ll have tea.

Waaaah I want to feel better.

Wanting to feel better is prolly a good thing

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