>Keep on keeping on

>That’s been my motto for the last few days and I think i may slowly, very slowly, be getting there.

A very good friend (who knows who she is) plugged me into a support system yesterday and that’s been really helpful. That’s all I’m happy to talk about that here at the moment. Oh actually I might just add that I appear to be unable to turn my CAB brain off and there is a tiny tiny silly thing about this support system that is making my CAB side go “ARRRRRGH should you really be doing that?!” not because it bothers me but as always seems to be the story with me because it might bother others. Perhaps I should stop worrying about others and start putting me first. That would be a very novel idea, wouldn’t it?

I am still going to go to the doctors but not on a medically urgent appt. I’m going to aggressively pursue getting my hormones checked out. I don’t think there’s any small coincidence in that fact that I’ve been crazy crazy for a couple of weeks when my period went awol and then today it put in an appearance and I began to feel like there’s a light again.

And aren’t NHS waiting lists wonderful things? I went on the waiting list for something in August and was told six weeks or so. In January they wrote and said did I still want an appt so I said yes. Today they called and I finally have an appt. On Wednesday.

Longest. Six. Weeks. Ever.

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