>”A loser is someone who when knocked down, stays down”

>Lord save me from people who are computer illiterate
Lord save me from people who are allowed to mess up but hit me like a ton of bricks if I do the same.
Lord save me from people who automatically assume any fuck ups are mine and don’t have the guts to apologise when it turns out I’m not at fault.
Lord save me from people who “know whats best” and are “always right”
But most of all… Lord save me from people who are all of those and even more annoying than that all at once!

hmm, yes, it’s been that kind of an evening.

and I’ve been really quite pissed off about it. But I found the presence of mind to investigate my supposed fuck up and realise that the other person just doesn’t know how to use their computer. And then I found the strength to send them an e-mail telling them they’d got it wrong and what to do to make it right and also disagreeing with their “whats best and whats right” comments.

I was even good and didn’t make it as bitchy/snarky as I wanted too.

I think that’s where my strength ends tho and I’ll be practicing that ancient technique of inbox avoidance tomorrow.

Then I got even more pissed off because I’d been so excited and happy and hyper and that stupid person sent me an e-mail which took all that away from me and what gives them the right/power to do that too me?!

So I’m making an effort to be happy and excited again.

Because I AM GOING TO MADRID!!!!! And no one can take that fact away from me… I’m going, I’m gonna love it it’ll be tons of fun and I’ll be able to be proud of myself for flying alone. People may be able to knock me down but they can’t keep me there… I’m Emma, and I’m a fighter.

When my uncle was getting divorced he stayed with my grandparents for a while. My Gran put a sticker above the french doors in his room which said:

A loser is someone who when knocked down, stays down.

It’s only in the last few years I came to understand what that meant exactly and I’ve been trying to bear that in mind lately.

and annoying people can take a running jump for all I care!

MADRID, BABY, MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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