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Thirteen People Who Have Influenced My Life
1….Maryse. I first met Maryse when I was about nine. She is older than either of my parents and is a physiotherapist. She made physio fun for me and was the first physio I didn’t fight going to see. I used to look forward to it. As I grew older I came to be able to talk to her about anything and she became more than a physio to me. I will always remember that when I’d been seeing her for a year she invited me over to her house to celebrate and we had home made pizza that her husband made and it had a happy birthday sign and candle on it and we sang happy birthday to celebrate our friendship being a year old. I was maybe 10. She took me to London to see Cats, she took me to see Phantom of the Opera on Ice, she took me to a last night at the proms concert at Radley college, she brought me present when she returned from her trips home (to Belgium) and gave me her daughter’s outgrown clothes. I loved those clothes and I love her. When I was 17 she moved to Germany (this was in 1999) and I haven’t seen her since although we remain in touch via e-mail and occasional letters. I’ve spoken to her on the phone once since she moved and i was so excited and happy to hear her voice i couldn’t say very much!

2… Ruth. Ruth was my disability coordinator when I was at college doing my a’levels. I didn’t realise it at the time but she is the person who gave me my wings and set me free. She did everything she could to enable me to be as independent as possible at college but to fulfil my potential. And she helped me to see that peoplew ho can’tsee beyond my CP aren’t worth my getting upset over

3… Leza. When I first met Leza I hated her with a vengence. She knew that and I knew that. But gradually we came to be friends. Not the best of friends but friends nonetheless. And then it came to the night when I hit rock bottom in a most spectacular style and could think of nothing but suicide. She talked me down, paid attention and helped me at a time when I needed it most. I am so grateful I was able to move beyond my inital hatred of her and she was able to overlook it, I might not be here if not for that.

4. Dr. S. One of my GP’s when I was in Stoke at uni and the best one I’ve ever had. I wish he was still my doctor now. He has a disability too (I believe it to be CP but I don’t know) and so he really gets it in a way that no other doctor ever has. He always gave me as much time as I needed and was friendly and made comments that made me feel good about myself such as noticing a new hair cut or weightloss. I always remember him because I was dx with depression by one of his colleagues and the first time I saw him after my dx he took the time to sit with me and say “Emma I’m really sorry, I’ve been treating you a lot lately and I completely missed that you were depressed, I should have picked up on it.” and he really felt bad about that. Not many doctors care about their patients like that.

5. Trudi. My rock and one of the best friends I’ve ever had. She restored my faith in carers and showed me that some people who are carers can go onto become true and lasting friends. I don’t see her often but when I do it’s just like days have past rather than weeks or months.

6. Anonymous person. I know this persons name but can’t share it as I signed a confidentiality agreement as a part of my work. She was so grateful for what I did for her as a part of my job that she took the time to go buy me a card and a box of chocolates and bring it to the bureau as a thank you present. It was just a small thing I did but that gesture made me feel soooo appreciated and it was the first time I really realised just how much of a difference what I do can make.

7.Shi. My sister in spirit from the world of the Internet and someone i hope to one day meet in the real world. We have sooo much in common and she really has been a huge support to me.

8.Cathleen. We aren’t in contact anymore but this girl literally is my mini me – talking with her is like turning the clock back to when I was her age. I hope by sharing my experiences I’ve helped her – by talking with her she helped me.

9. Rob L. a huge support to me during my last two years at uni and someone I had a lot of fun with. I’m really pleased that he is one of the few people from uni I’m still in touch with and we continue to have fun when we get together

10. Rob J. One of my first male friends and someone I really wish I could meet again and catch up. We met on a holiday for disabled people to cornwall and met up quite a few times after that. I wanted it to be more but it would have been long distance and he told me I deserved someone who could be with me all the time.

11. Sair. A huge huge support to me and a fantastic friend. For five years now she’s been listening to me, advising me, supporting me and just generally showing how much she rocks. Someone else I hope to one day meet.

12. Lucille. See this entry for an explanation.

13. Sarah. Another person who came into my life as a carer and stayed as a friend. Her husband adrian deserves to be on here too but I’m out of numbers. I wish I saw her more often but I enjoy the times I do see them and I cherish my memories of our times together.

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