>Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Songs Emma Can’t Get Enough Of Lately


It's Thursday!
Thirteen Things Songs Emma Can’t Get Enough Of Lately
1…. Welcome to Wherever You Are – Bon Jovi
2…. Better Days – Goo Goo Dolls
3…. Fraggle Rock Theme Tune
4… I Run For Life – Melissa Etheridge
5… Somebody to Love (Ella Enchanted) – Anne Hathaway
6… Unwell – Matchbox 20
7… All Will Be Well – Gabe Dixon Band
8… Halleujah – Rufus Wainwright (Shrek soundtrack version)
9… Jesus Take The Wheel – Carrie Underwood
10… Jim’ll Fix It Theme Tune
11… La Vie Bohemie – Rent Soundtrack
12… Blame It On The Boogie – Jackson Five
13… All About You – McFly

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