>Back at losin’ it once again

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I don’t really know what happened to me back there but it can be said I fell off of the wagon!  But two weeks ago I realised that and had a rethink.

A good friend pointed out to me that depending on what type of day I’m having I sometimes struggle (physically) to stand on the scales and that affects the reading I get.  when I lost weight before she reminded me, I did weigh myself but not often and I paid more attention to what my tape measure said.

I hunted out my trusty tape measure and measured various parts of my body (waist, chest, boobs, hips, thighs).  I’m not going to lie, they were scary, scary numbers.  But I knew they were lower than they’d been a few months ago so I put it behind me and took a few baby steps to being healthy once again.

That was two weeks ago and I had another date with my trusty tape measure and scales this morning.  The scales show a loss of 1.5 lb.  The tape measure shows an inch off here, an inch off there (including three inches off of my hips!!!!)  For a total inch loss of 6.75 inches in two weeks.

So I’m happy and I think I’ll keep up my fortnightly meetings with my tape measure!


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