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Do you think that if you experience an “ism” such as ageism, sexism, racism, disablism etc but do nothing about it other than getting mad/upset about you should/you do become as bad as those who commit the “ism” because by passively allowing them to continue you condone their behaviour?

Which is funnier, a friend of a friend coming up to me on the boat this afternoon to ask if I wanted to go for a “wee wee” or someone else pointing to a memorial headstone in a shop we were outside this evening and announcing out of the blue that he wants that very headstone?

I’m listening to a song at the moment that includes the lyric I know in life there’s a deeper meaning. Do you agree or disagree with that statement and why?

Finally, we drove past trafalger square this morning. Just what is the point of the statute of a pregnant Alison Lapper that is there? Is there even a point to it?

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