>Random Bullets for a Saturday Night

>My sister passed her driving test on Tuesday (first time!).  I’ve been out in her car with her three times now – I love to go for a drive and it reminds me of just how pretty the villages around where we live are.  I don’t see them often travelling by train or when we go to my Gran’s as we go down the dual carriageway.

Driving listening to Madness “Driving in my car” is especially fun.

We went to Tescos last night and came back with irrefutible proof that I am in fact, adult now.  We went down the cleaning products aisle  and Soph said to me that I didn’t need any as I’d got some last time.  My response?  “yeah, but I really want to get some of that cillit bang stuff to try.”  That was rather worrying.  So I didn’t buy any in the hopes I could remain unadult for that little bit longer.
I’ve got two more ticked of on my 101 in 1001 list – take more photos and buy myself a bunch of flowers (I treated myself to two bunches for good measure).

Soph decided that we both rock.  Her because she put petrol in her car (I went for moral support) and me because when we had our indoor picnic earlier I sat on the blanket on the floor completely unsupported for at least 30 mins without losing my balance.  To say I was shocked at being able to do that would be an understatement.

My quotes page has been updated, I put the new ones at the top for ease of reading.

I’m feeling really worried about going to Madrid now.

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