>I am/am not

>Things I am:

  • A hairdye freak
  • A fanfic addict
  • A hardcore blogger
  • A verocious reader
  • A music lover
  • A chocolate lover
  • Brandy and coke drinker
  • At this current moment in time, drunk oh so drunk
  • A real little water baby
  • A CAB adviser
  • and a writer.

Things I Am Not:

  • A timid shy girl
  • Tactful
  • A mouse
  • Particularly happy
  • A freaking sideshow exhibit in the fucking circus.
  • Tidy
  • A healthy eater

Dear Boys who live up the road from me and asked me incessant questions as I came home from the shop,I hope now we have covered the above list you will know a bit more about me. I hate answering the questions adults ask about my disability because they tend to be rude and they should know better. I do tend to answer when kids like yourselves ask me because awareness and education are important and it tends to be simple questions. So I answered your questions.

But, as I’m sure you realised, by the end of our conversation I was really hacked off with you. Granted, I have had a right skinful and that’s part of it. But to ask me if I can walk is cool. To then ask about five times if I will walk for you to see is soooooo not cool.

I said no and I meant it. I know my snapping at you that I’m not part of a sideshow in the circus boggled your tiny little minds a bit but heh, deal with it.

Emma (sorry, no kisses either)

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