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>I slept worth shit last night… I have an ear infection and lying with that ear on the pillows hurt as did having my covers pulled up near it. Co-codamol is my friend and you’d think it was sweets the way I’ve been taking it but even that’s not cutting it. Plus I can’t hear out of that ear. La la la how delightful I feel right now./sarcasm

I’m only up so I could ring the docs when I got up… the receptionist was kinda nice to me which is a bit shocking and I’m waiting for the doc to call me back. No guarentees I’ll be seen but an Rx for some nice Abx would do me very well. Somehow tho I doubt answering the phone with the words “give me some erythromycin! give me some cefalexin! just give me drugs damnit” is going to do any good. Because you know… abx aren’t actually proved to work on ear infections AND i’m not actually qualified to give my own dx.

Yeah well if I don’t get abx I better get new and improved pain relief.

And my landline phone appears to be broken again.

Joy and fucking rapture.

EDIT: I have an appt with the doc at 11.50.

And my social worker’s been on the phone. She’s coming to see me a week today.

So next week I have Monday – depression med review with the doc then work
Tuesday – Social Worker
Wednesday – Work then counsellor then waxing

even more joy and fucking rapture. My joy really does know no bounds at the prospect of a few days like that.

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