>:o( Ear Infection

>The verdict is in. I have a pretty severe outer ear infection To quote the Dr my eardrum is fine (or appears to be) but the tube is inflamed and so swollen it’s not a tube any more but rather a flat thing with sides which meet. She’s given me some cream to put in it and some Abx (cefalexin) for a week. She also said it’s not surprising I feel lousy because it’s a nasty pain but promised me that I’ll feel better tomorrow after a few doses of each. So I was reunited earlier today with my orange and gray friend and we’ll be getting together every six hours for the next week.

It’s probably due to swimming which doesn’t surprise me seeing as we were a volunteer short on Friday and I spent a good ten minutes floating on my back in the beach area of the pool while waiting for Ted to get me out. With my ears under the water. It was really nice but NEVER AGAIN. So no swimming for me this week the Dr said. She reckoned that I’ll feel better by Friday but to stay out of the pool because at that point it could trigger it back up again.

I was the queen of clonus when I was at the docs – usually I can calm if not stop my clonus. Today I couldn’t and it went on for more than 20 minutes. That apparently is related to my ear infection to and I need to be careful walking for a while. Hmmm I wonder how many calories 20 mins of clonus burns? This could be a good way to lose weight!

Oh and good news… I took a nap and I feel more vaguely human now. And it turns out my landline had just gotten unplugged and it actually is working.

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