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Thirteen Things about Emma
1…. I didn’t do T13 last week because I spent the day in London. I went with my swimming group and we got the coach to Westminster and then a boat on the Thames to Greenwich. We saw loads of sites thoughout the day.

2….I’m going to go sit in my garden and start reading “The Undomestic Goddess” by Sophie Kinsella when I’m done with this.

3… I went to Henley on Thames with my sister and our second family (friends of the family we consider relatives) on Bank Holiday Monday. We had a really great time… went for a long walk stopped for a drink then went wandering some more including around the shops. Finally we drove to the next town and went to a Hungry Horse for something to eat.

4… I love doing transcribing. It’s kind of theraputic

5… My ear infection seems to be clearing up.

6… When I went to Naidex last week, I bought the best stickers. They are bright (neon) yellow and say “g’thanks! you’ve had my parking space, do you want my disability too?” The people I bought them from have a website at DisbledStickers.co.uk

7… My carer told me yesterday that my house was so messy it looked like I’d been burgled. I was not impressed by that comment.

8… I love that I know almost all of the journeycare assistants at my local station, Oxford and Reading. When John helped me change trains on my way to Naidex last week he told me he loved my now short hair and that it was great to see me. He then commented about the train that “she’ll be coming round the mountain…” I went “when she comes” and he stood there and sang that song to me. Too fun.

9… I love that when I get together with my uni friends its as if mere days had past since we saw each other not months.

10… Limewire rocks my socks.

11… Trudi is coming next weekend for Soph’s birthday party. I absolutely CANNOT wait.

12… I hope to meet Shi in person at some point over the next year.

13… I feel like all of my clothes are either too big or too small at the moment. I hate it.

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