>Odds and Sods, about reading mostly.

>I posted a new page to the sidebar – People, Places and Other Explanations. Check it out and let me know if you think I missed something off of it!

My tenant for the week BattleRocker posted a really cool photo to his blog, it’s the abstract sort that I like to take on occasion. The kind that make various friends of mine go “what did you tak that for?!” anyway it’s a beautiful photo, you should go visit and see for yourselves. And also as a side note, he’s fixed his comments so anyone can leave one now.

Trudi and I were on the phone for almost an hour earlier and I get to see her A WEEK TOMORROW!!!! It was really cool to catch up. And we talked about Nanny a bit. She told me that she really liked Nanny and that she wished her Nan was as cool as mine. I really liked hearing that.

I read the Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella pretty much straight thru yesterday while sitting in the garden. It was really good. I wasn’t allowed to swim today so I went anyway to hang out with everyone and took a book to read while they swam. The Accidental Mother by Rowan Coleman. I started it fresh and then kept going sat in the garden when I got home. I have about 100 pages left which I’m going to go finish when this is done.

So basically, I’m allllll about reading this week.

I thnk I’ll read one of the three Jodi Picolut books I have yet to start next, probably Plain Truths. the other two are Salam Falls and Vanishing Acts. I’ve read and loved both The Pact and My Sister’s Keeper by her already. My Sister’s Keeper blew my mind but Kat didn’t like it and gave up after a few chapters, she said she found it too depressing. So I’d really really recommend it as a great book to read but you should probably bear Kat’s comments in mind too.

I need to stop saying “so” so often. And also “cool”

This time in two weeks I will be in Madrid.

This time in one week will be my Mum’s birthday. I’m going to buy her present tomorrow but I don’t know what yet! Hopefully there will be cutting of hair by a hairdresser tomorrow too (I learnt my lesson about cutting my own hair after my last attempt).

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