>The one in which my Mother already knew.

>I wasn’t planning to admit to my mum about having fucked up for a few more days in the slim, slim, slim hopes that if I got off my arse and sent the form today I might receive my new disabled badge before needing it on Thursday.

Only, I can’t find the form. And that plus many other things are stressing me out so much that I began to feel like the walls were closing in on me. So I escaped out for half an hour.

I came to a few realisations while I was out. And when I got back I called my Mum and we were talking about various things and I just thought I’m just going to keep feeling this stressed until I admit to her that I fucked up about sending the form back (we won’t talk about the fact it expired nearly four months ago…)

So I was like “I’ve got something to tell you and you’re going to shout at me about it.”

she just went “Oh, Right Disabled Badge?” and my jaw hit the floor whilst she explained that the fact i hadn’t told her/shown her a new one had made it all to obvious to her. And also laughed at me for not realising she knew.

And then i cried and she lectured me about the fact I was scared to tell her and about how no problem is too big.

Then she went off to watch a film “about a man on a boat” and I went to make dinner

And all was not well with the world but it certainly was a hell of a lot better.

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