>Thursday Thirteen – For Her Birthday: Thirteen Things About Sophie!


Because it’s her 18th birthday…
Thirteen Things about My Sister
1…. Her name is Sophie and her middle name is Elizabeth but most of her friends etc call her Sophinda.
2…. Her birthday is the day before our mum’s.
3…. I am almost 7 years older than her.
4…. She has a thing for the Fireman Sam theme tune
5…. In September she is moving to Manchester to study Human Nutrition at Uni.
6…. She works in a local leisure cente
7…. I can remember being told that she’d been born – I was in the swimming pool at school and one of my helpers came and told me.
8…. She did her business studies A’level a year early
9…. I’m using the PINK T13 code as it’s her favourite colour!
10…. She passed her driving test two weeks ago on the first attempt.
11…. Her Blog can be found over here
12…. I wish I was a stylish as she is!
13…. Last year she got a trampoline for her birthday and she loves it.

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