>with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and…

>I just pulled off the wonderfully devious plan I had for my sister’s birthday!!! Please go to her blog to wish her a very Happy 18th Birthday (11th May). More on that later.

I advised a client today who had brought their two year old daughter with them. She spent most of the interview playing with my walker. Pushing it, playing with the brakes and the wire and just generally having the best time ever. Who knew walkers could be such fun?!

Actually my mum said when I told her that when I was tiny my friends thought it was some sort of toy and used to ask for a go and then be all confused when it wasn’t any fun but I still stuck to it like glue!

Talking of glue, I’ve been doing crafts and other creative things this evening whilst watching Sister Act 2. Photos of crafts to come next week.

My friend Neil from swimming goes to a sailability group and has been on at me for forever to go. So I went last week. It was really good and I’m going again next week… more about that when I’m feeling more able to make sense when I’m writing!

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