>Am I bothered?!?!

>Ha the way I feel right now anyone could tell me anything and I’d just be like “am I bothered?!”

It’s not that I don’t feel for them… it’s just that I don’t have the energy to be bothered (oh and the hangover doesn’t help either). And also this was hyped up to me by a friend of a friend (this happened to…) as something to be hugely hugely excited about and I didn’t think it was. Which makes me a bitch because if it had happened to me I’d have been all “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME”. And quite frankly, being mugged is a situation anyone has a right to be freaked/need attention about. I am a terrible friend right now.

God love depression.

I think I used all my botheredness/mental energy up today already what with my monitoring visit from my care agency (went well but…) and trying not to freak out about the fact I got an e-mail asking if I wanted to do something which on the face of it appears to me to be unaccessible.

I’m trying to remember that this was a group e-mail and it said which would you prefer X or Y and it appears to me that the other one of the activities would be accessible. And also I can e-mail this person and she might already have access info for me but I doubt it. I’m pretty sure googling just led me to the website and it says nothing about access but what it does say has me saying “hmm… no access then most likely” (historical object involvement). Tis annoying me a little tho because I was given the exact same activity as a choice last year too and the whole “wheelchair access is an issue in these places” thing was mentioned then.

But of course until you’ve lived the wheelchair life in some form or other you cannot understand it.

There is more to say on a related to this subject but it involves saying/writing things that may be considered by some to be slightly controversial and there is is a siim chance is possibly bordering close to dooce-land (FYI dooce is a blogger who was fired for writing about her job on her blog)

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