>Moving Day…

>I have a new Rent My Blog Tenant, Stephanie over at Pickleness. I also have a hangover** so this is likely to be a crappy post but what the hey!

Anyway… She’s a fellow T13-er, she likes deal or no deal and she loves to plan holidays which she doesn’t end up taking – just like me! I also liked the tagline she has at the top of her template! I liked her blog so much that I didn’t look at the others who had bid which I probably should have done but again, what the hey!

Once I have some painkillers in me and have eaten something horribly fattening and wonderfully sweet and maybe, just maybe, lose the headache I’m going to go spend some time reading more of her blog. But seriously, her Mood: snarky post and her post on why she’s not a joiner are well worth a read!

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