>Soph’s Party

>Last night was Soph’s party and it was sooooo much fun! And it seemed like everyone had a good time to, that’s always a worry with parties.

I drank a gin and tonic before we left and five or six brandy and cokes there, at least one of which was a double. I love that drink, it goes down so easy. Perhaps too easy given that at least one was put in my hand and was empty two minutes later. I was so, so, drunk and I scared my cousin Richard away. He came up behind me as I was on the dancefloor and started spinning me around and I just screamed “don’t spin me I’ll be sick” and he went “oh you’re not that drunk already are you?” and upon my assuring him that I was he took off out of the room so fast, LOL! I also kept telling people that “I am so fucking drunk”, usually at completely random times in the conversation I’m told. And Trudi said that I kept telling her “When I’m in Madrid…” which I have only vague recollections of.

Thankfully, no hangover today but I am pretty tired.

There were also some pretty damn fantastic instances of acceptance and awareness that made me want to cheer and made me so proud of Soph and her friends. I knew that Soph would step up there but the fact that she did so much during her party and more than that her friends did too… WOW! More on that when I’m not desperate for some dinner.

At the end of the party this man (Soph’s friend’s dad I think) was talking to me and Trudi. I’m not particularly happy about that but then I am in a way. Basically he kept coming back from whatever we were saying to turning to me and going “I don’t want it.”

I’ve never seen Little Britain, it’s not something that has ever appealed to me, so the reference just went right over my head and I was sat there going “uh, what?” and he kept saying it. Trudi understood the reference and tried to redirect him repeatedly but he just kept saying it.

Trudi and mum explained today that there is a disabled character with a gormless carer and theres this sketch on there where the disabled guy keeps saying “I don’t want it.”

So I’m really not impressed by that because it’s like he just saw me as a disabled person and to compare me with that character (got to love online research!) is sooooo insulting. But then I’m also glad that I completely missed the reference at the time because I would have lost the plot with him about that if I’d got it and given how drunk I was chances were I would have completely gone off on one and ruined the end of Soph’s party for her.

Guess how many photos I’ve taken since birthday celebrations began on Thursday? It’s quite a scarily huge number really but I’ve got some pretty cool pics which I will share here soon. And also some really crappy ones I should just go delete but wheres the fun in that?! I would tell you how many it is but I’m intrigued to see if anyone gets anywhere near close to the number. Check back tomorrow for the answer.

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