>Leaving, on a jet plane

>So in a little less than 14 hours from now I will be on a plane headed to Madrid!

I’m getting really excited!!! Especially since Kat was able to change her plans and is now coming to meet me at the airport (with a friend who has a car which is even better). I think the fact that I texted her last night (saying that I really needed her to meet me and that I felt like I didn’t want to go if she wasn’t going to meet me) helped and also shocked her given the fact that she asked my why I’d sent her a message saying that. LOL I jsut went “its how I felt!” My counsellor would be proud of me.

Plans for the weekend… hanging out with Kat, chilling out, some sunshine, some sightseeing and a fair amount of Sangria!

Catch ya on the flipside peeps…

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