>Pictures from Madrid [Thursday Version]


Pictures from Madrid (scroll down to read an update about part of the trip, and as always click to view larger pictures):

Bear Statue in Madrid

This is the bear statue in the Puerta del Sol in Madrid. It’s a symbol of Madrid and people often arrange to meet there. It was about ten or fiftteen minutes walk from my hotel.

Kat on Thursday Night

Kat at the restaurant on Thursday waiting for our pizzas whilst talking about the fact that everyone in Madrid carries fans like that.

The Opera House in Madrid at Night

The Spanish Opera House. This was in a part of Madrid called Opera which was about ten minutes from my hotel but in the opposite direction to Puerta Del Sol

The Royal Palace in Madrid

Taken Thursday night, this is the royal palace lit up.

I was surprised by how close you could get and enjoyed walking around it. It was about 11 pm and we stopped at a cafe and I found it incredibly surreal but also fun to be sat outside drinking a coke at 11pm with the opera house to one side of me and the royal palace opposite. It was still really warm although Kat said she was cold. It felt like a different world to the weather I’d left behind here and I really couldn’t believe I actually had gotten on the plane and flown out there. There were candles on the tables and a busker was playing jazz on a saxophone. It was amazing and so chilled. I loved it.

Real Palace at Night 2 Real Palace at Night 3

Two more pictures of the palace taken that night.

Me outside the Real Palace in Madrid on Thursday Night

This is me sat outside the Palace. This was taken late Thursday night or possibly early Friday morning (it was taken around midnight).

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