>I went to the nurse yesterday afternoon and she checked me out and got one of the doctors to come in and check me out too (it was a doctor I hadn’t met before). Anyway the verdict is I definitely haven’t broken my nose but there is a slim chance I cracked the bone and even if I didn’t they don’t do anything for that so there is no point taking x-rays. I can expect to be in pain for at least a week tho, joy.

Me in Madrid on Sunday

This is me in Madrid on Sunday. It was late morning and was taken in a square in Opera. The Opera house is opposite where I was sitting. I don’t think you can see my injuries on here tho.

I met Mickey Mouse!

Kat lives in a flat with two housemates. One of them, Alfredo, is originally from Peru and has lived in Madrid for two years. He came out with us Friday afternoon and took us on something of a walking tour of the city – we saw so much and he willingly provided wheelchair pushing services which I was so grateful for! We ended up in the Retiro which is the main park in Madrid and randomly there was a guy wandering around just inside the gates dressed as Mickey Mouse. I just had to have my picture taken with him!

Alfredo is a really great guy but he did scare the life out of me when I first met him! I was sat in the square and Kat had wandered off a little to see if she could spot him when someone walks up next to me, kisses me on the cheek and goes “Welcome to Madrid Emma” And Also I made a fool of myself when we stopped for lunch (in a latin american restaurant) and in Spanish he asked me if I had brothers and sisters. I thought he’d asked how old I was so I just went “24” and then immediately realised my mistake!

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