>Thursday Thirteen – Thirteen Photos Taken During Emma’s Trip to Madrid


Thirteen Photos Taken During My Weekend In Madrid

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1…. My Sunglasses after I fell out of my wheelchair and landed face first:
My poor sunglasses :o(... at least it's not my face!

2….. Kat and I at dinner on Friday Night. We had yummy chicken and even yummier Sangria.
Not quite a liquid dinner... but almost!

3…. Kat and Alfredo, her housemate. I can’t remember what the thing they are standing in front of is called but it looks kinda like the Arc D’Triumphe in Paris.
Kat and Alfredo

4…. The lake in the Retiro (main park in Madrid), Friday Afternoon

5…. Close up on The Bear Statue in Puerta Del Sol
Bear Statue

6…. Drinking Sangria a couple of hours after my accident… you can see the bruising around my eyes. That was the coolest bar, we had the Opera House to our left and the Royal Palace directly opposite us.
Sore bruises but yummy Sangria!

7…. Atocha, the ONE place I really wanted to see and the one I didn’t get to see as it’s where I had my accident.
Can't comment on the rest of the place but it has a nice first aid room!

8…We could get so close to the Royal Palace that I was actually touching it!
One would not be allowed to do this by our Queen

9… Inside the Royal Pharmacy during our tour of the Palace on Sunday afternoon (these photos aren’t very clear as you weren’t allowed to use a flash)
Shiny pretty pharmacy

10…. Taken from the viewpoint in the courtyard at the Royal Palace.
Would you LOOK at that VIEW?!

11… Outside my Hotel
Petit Palace Arenal

12… The Spanish Opera House

13…. Part of a mural painting on the ceiling in one of the rooms in the Palace. I forget which room as several of them had murals on the ceiling.
Angel and Cherub mural

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