>Random as a random thing!

>I slept all morning and am intending to take it very easy today… we’re having something of a Spoon shortage this week and any and all donations will be welcomed with open arms.

Something cool (disability awareness related) might have happened… keep your fingers crossed and as soon as I know, you will know. I won’t be at all surprised if it turns out it hasn’t but very very pleased if it has. Cryptic, I know but it has to be that way for now.

Does anyone know anything about the “golden tickets” thing for big brother that kit kats are doing. I don’t like kit kats and I DO NOT want into that house… but from what little I’ve seen (I’ve been half watching it) I hope from one point of view they get stuck with a wheelchair user or someone with some other form of disability because that would cause issues which would work wonders for disability awareness. But then from another point of view I hope they don’t because those housemates are so clueless and almost horrible (except Pete).

Oh wow, BE radio is playng the best song ever.

a random photo of penguins I took on Thursday:
Ppppppick up a penguin

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