>Two of my poems – “CP Rocks” and “Just Trying”

>I’m working on a poetry challenge at the moment and so I’ve written quite a few over the weekend. I’m also atttempting to master Haiku’s but that’s not as easy as it looks!

At some point soon I’m going to set up a part of this webspace for my poetry and essays and other non blog writings. I’m hoping that somepoint soon will translate into today or tomorrow but I have a lot of stuff to get done so no promises.

But for now I thought I would share my two favourites of all of the poems I’ve written.

The first, CP Rocks was inspired by a list a friend made of 101 reasons why CP Rocks. That line stuck with me for weeks until I wrote the poem. I wrote it in December 2002 sat in the kitchen in my halls of residence at university.


I have CP
So what?
Who gives a shit?
Please see me,
Don’t see it.

CP is just a part of my life
Although it sometimes causes me strife
I am me,
I am who I want to be

My name is Emma
And this is my dilemma
How can I show
Who I am?
How can I show
The real me
When all they see is CP?

When people see me they see a wheelchair
And miss the girl with the crazy hair
They see someone who they pity
And miss Emma who is quite witty

I love to sit at the top of a hill
And roll right down,
Receive a thrill
My own free rollercoaster,
It’s really brill
And never makes me ill!

But without my wheels,
Or my walker (made of steel)
I would be “normal”
And idea which to me
Is quite awful

I think walking is overrated
And what really leaves me frustrated
Is how society doesn’t like me
Just because I have CP

Is it really so bad?
I for one and very glad
There’s no need to be sad for me,
I’ve even been on TV!

I’ll tell you all about me
There’s more then what you can see.
I’m the girl at university
Living all alone
Far from home

I’m always on the phone to friends,
Driving them around the bend.
Saying lets go here,
Lets go there
For I will go anywhere
Looking for fun that never ends

Going out – CP makes it even better
(Except in really crappy weather)
no lines in which to wait.
And something that is really great
And scares those who pretend to care
Is when I show my wicked streak
Stand up and make those idiots freak.

For the girl listening to the band
In that front seat,
She cannot stand,
She cannot speak.

This they know without a doubt
So watch those losers now freak out
Because that girl with CP
Just happens to be me

And I can,
Its part of who I am!
I may not be able to ride a bike
But I can stand whenever I like
I may struggle to walk
But I sure can talk!

This is my message,
Black and white
Hear me shout:

Yes, it is true
I don’t feel blue
I don’t want a cure,
For how would I be me
If I didn’t have CP?

This poem is about to end
Its about a girl who wants to be your friend

Its about a girl who knows how to cope.
Its about Em who is full of hope!

I know this poem is full of shocks
Hope I’ve shown how much CP ROCKS!!

Emma ~ December 2002

The second poem is called “Just Trying” and is one I wrote back in October last year… To be specific I think I wrote it on the 16th but I can’t find it on my old blog to confirm that.

Just Trying
I’m just trying
To be me
So much more than
The girl they see

I might have this thing
They call CP
But that isn’t
What defines me.

I am different from you
But I think I have it best
I need a wheelchair and always will.

Now I am different
But eventually
You will be
The same as me.

Thanks to the great equaliser called life
One day you too will experience this kind of strife

When you are old
You will understand what you’ve been told

But for now
I will try and explain it somehow.
Yet it is difficult to show
That which I innately know.

I have to spend
My life of wheels
My CP will never end.

I can live with it
Or long to be without it
The choice is mine
To be made with help divine.

When I was a child
I wanted to die
Life with CP
Seemed too much for me.

Time heals
What was once a punishment
Isn’t any longer
Instead it makes me stronger.

If when you get old
Your health time steals
And you must spend your life on wheels.
Remember what you have been told.

Hold your head up high
It will become normal as time flies by
As you learn how to cope
Don’t lose hope.

I’m just trying to be me.
Can’t you see?
Being me
Happens to include
This thing called CP.

Emma ~ 16th October 2005

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