>”you’re part of the team, damnit.”

>Lets see…

For Chana, who asked. The pictures of the yellow flowers were taken when I went to the Costwolds for the day last week and the pictures of the pink flowers were taken on my last day in Madrid. I don’t know what sort either of them are, just that I like them!

You know my accident I had in Madrid? Well I had an appt with my dentist for a general check up today. She asked about how my teeth have been so I told her about all the fun I had in Madrid. And she tells me as a result of my accident I have a hairline fracture in one of my very front teeth. At the moment it’s all good. But… she says it might not turn out good, the nerve might die, the fracture may become something more etc etc. She shared a delightful analogy with me. Basically it’s like a crack in a porcelain plate or bowl it can be fine for ages and then all of a sudden one day it snaps in half? yeah that might happen to my tooth.

How joyous is that?! The even better news is that if that happens I will more than likely need a root canal. Good news is “it’s not that loose”

So I’m looking at another month or so to heal and DO NOT bite down on anything hard with it. I check back with her in a month.

She told me that I’m really lucky that I didn’t knock my teeth out and that she’s surprised I didn’t. I said “yeah, I’m surprised too. And I really was very lucky.”

I am. given how spectacularly I went I am so incredibly lucky that I didn’t break my neck or get glass in my eye where I wear glasses or actually break my nose, lose my teeth, wreck my wheelchair, get hit by a car, need stitches, need surgery, have to go to hospital, I was able to fly home as planned.

Having cracked the bone in my nose and having a hairline fracture in one of my teeth is nasty. But it doesn’t stop me living my life. I hope to god that I don’t end up needing a root canal or having problems with this tooth.. but if I do I will just be grateful that it’s not something more serious.

Kat is, I think, still having a bit of a problem with my accident and how she “can’t believe it happened.” I’m past that now… it happened, it was nasty and i wish it hadn’t. but i can’t change the fact it did… now all I think is how thankful I am that it turned out how it did and how lucky I am.

Yes, my accident was unlucky. But I definitely had someone with me watching over me that day!

Finally… you know the whole thing about my not being able to go on my summer social with work? Well… it’s not resolved because the people who need to resolve it are on leave or have been working different days to me. but several people have asked me about it and/or queried it with the supervisor who then came to ask me about it today. He said he couldn’t tell me who had been asking though. Today’s supervisor and at least one other person have said that given the type of organisation we are and the ideals we have (including “access for all”) it’s a bit ridiculous. Trouble is, we all also agree that it’s not the sort of thing where you can keep everyone happy and that we wouldn’t want to organise it!

Our events are usually +1, I am single and one of my colleagues is widowed so we usually go together. She has said that if I cannot go she WILL not go. I told to go anyway, don’t not go just because I can’t but she said she won’t. She also says she spoke to the organiser before the arrangements were finalised and asked about wheelchair access and is probably as hacked off about it as I am. Because “you’re part of the team, damnit.” haha she rocks. We said we would do lunch or something instead.

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