>An Addendum to The Wheelchair Talking Blues

>This is a sort of addendum to my previous post because if I had thought about it at the time I wrote it, it would be in there rather than it’s own post. Anyways, now we have that cleared up, on with the entry itself.

When I was in Madrid, I briefly met an older Spanish guy who was staying in my hotel. He helped me down a curb when I was out with Kat and struggling and then pushed me part of the way back to the hotel. I kept thanking him and telling him he didn’t have to; I could manage. I wasn’t saying NO tho!

He told me that when he was older he probably would end up in a wheelchair and needing help just like I did. He called it “an investment” in his future.

I liked that… that’s definitely a cool way of looking at things and to “Pay It Forward” – it’s almost like Pay It Forward in advance.

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