>If at some point soon I disappear for a few days, don’t worry about it. Next week is crazily busy and I need to “recharge my batteries.”

There are a lot of things in my life that I’m finding stressful/depressing/getting me down at the moment and I have a lot of tough decisions to make. I also feel like a couple of people don’t, CAN’T understand how I feel and react and as such make things tougher for me. Hopefully some time to myself will allow me to regroup, get some of the stress things sorted out and make a few decisions.

I suck at decisions though so no guarantees!

Basically I did my stupid stopping my meds thing again and until last night hadn’t taken anything other than prn painkillers for two, two and a half weeks.

I had a talk with my counsellor today and we discussed a few things I have tried to tell my GP previously but not been able to express properly and also some stuff that I haven’t She made an appt for me with a different GP for next Tuesday and I gave my permission for her to add a note of what we talked about the my medical records so the doc can read it and it makes it easier for me. We discussed what, specifically, will be written there. Not the words but the gist.

I’m not sure I like counselling.

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