>Walking, exams, family news and degrees, Oh My!

>Last Friday at swimming I swam 20 lengths (500 metres) and walked 4 lengths (100 metres). Today at swimming I swam 24 lengths (600 metres) and walked 6 lengths (150 metres). And another member decided to try walking in the pool too ~ I guess that makes me a trend setter!

I also did one of my best showerchair to wheelchair transfers I’ve ever done, with hardly any help.

I got lots of really heartfelt comments of “well done Emma” and variations of that. And Sheila complimented me on my transfer.

In other news, its been a pretty celebratory day for my family. I did all that good walking. My sister took her last A2 exam. And my brother got the results of his degree.

He got a 2:1 and for his course came 4th in his year (out of 60 students).

My Gran remains in hospital but is hopefully going to be transferred to her local hospital soon from the main one. She doesn’t really need much medical care now but she’s not well enough quite yet to go home.

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