>Blah ~~ Spoons, Sailing, Training

>I counted in my diary and the sailing trip with the JST starts in exactly ten weeks.  Ten weeks today.  I’ll fill out the paperwork tomorrow – I made a start with the basics but they need more information than I can tell them without looking it up and I’m having spoons issues tonight.  But yay!  I’m almost definitely going.

Tomorrow is work, going in earlier than usual to do some training stuff which I don’t think is going to go well :-(.  And then maybe an afternoon nap in an attempt to find a few more spoons… altho that is what I’d planned for today and it didn’t happen!

I hate depression… I hate the way I feel.

EDIT: but, oh wow real emoticons!  I knew my comments did that but who knew my entries did too?!  I lead a sad, sad life that that excites me.

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