>Swimming and a wonderful feeling

>So… lets start off as becoming my Friday habit with the swimming stats for today. I walked 9 lengths or 225 metres and this time walked 3 lengths each time before having a rest. I also swam 15 lengths or 375 metres.

Today was one of my swimming friends birthday, his name is Fred and his partner told us. He was with one of the other volunteers at the time and I was walking with Sheila so he didn’t know she told us. We were walking one way and Fred was coming right passed us with Ted in the opposite direction. Just before we got level with them Sheila said that we would sing when we got level and then went “1, 2, 3…” and off we went, singing happy birthday to him!

It. was. so. cute.

His face absolutely lit up in the biggest grin you have ever seen. And went “yeah, its my birthday. How did you know?”

We laughed and I forget what Sheila said but I went, “We Know EVERYTHING.”

And then for the rest of the time we were there people were wishing him a Happy Birthday and he was happy and smiley. He’s always like that, but more so today.

Lucille was there with her group of people today for the first time in quite a while, the group has been there but she hasn’t.

She gave me many, many huge hugs really tight big squeezes I really love you hugs and she told me she loved me – I told her “love you lots” which is what I tell everyone that I say that too.

Plus she got to the table before me and I could here her telling everyone before I got there that “My friend is sitting here, you can’t sit there.” and variations of the same. Then as soon as I got to where she could she me she called over to me: “Emma, I saved you a seat!” and told me she’d saved it specially. She also kept telling me that I could call her any time day or night and I jokingly said “Even 2 am?” and she said “Yes, I’d keep my phone on just for you.” She was a lot more touchy feely and affectionate than usual but I love that… I am an affectionate person but don’t have too many local people who reciprocate/are comfortable with receiving my affection. I find it uncomfortable when people don’t reciprocate.

Lucille also told me that she was thinking about stopping going to her group and I asked her what she would do instead (nothing) and then went “and anyway you can’t do that, then you wouldn’t be able to come swimming and you wouldn’t see me.” I wasn’t serious and I don’t she had been when she said that either but her response was: “Well, I better keep coming then because you’re more important. You’re more important.”

I don’t know if I like what she said but I do like the feelings behind it and knowing someone cares and wants/needs me in their life who isn’t family and who is tangible if you know what I mean?”

What I did/do really really like is the fact that everyone seemed so happy and there was (to me at least) a great sense of friendship and togetherness and happiness there today… Granted I didn’t seem to talk to many people but the six or seven I did all seemed so happy and content and GOOD today.

To have people do that for me and to know that I’ve helped to make others feel like that too is a pretty wonderful feeling.

Truly Wonderful.

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