>In order to be considered for the trip with the Jubilee Sailing Trust I had to write 200 words about myself and let the Rotary Club have them. I thought I would share what I wrote here, call it another chance to learn a bit more about me!

I’m 24 and I have cerebral palsy. I use a wheelchair most of the time although I can walk a short distance with a walking frame. I went to university in Stoke-on-Trent and have a degree in Business Studies. I graduated two years ago and have been volunteering at the Citizens Advice Bureau in ****** ever since. I work as an adviser working with clients on a variety of issues and in different ways. In order to master this I had to learn to adapt quickly to situations and to relate to people who are very different to me. I like to meet new people and working together to achieve a goal. I’ve always been determined that being disabled is not going to stop me. There have been a few bumps along the way but I’ve always worked to overcome them and welcomed the challenge. I enjoy reading, swimming and sailing in my free time. Sailing is a new hobby of mine but one I quickly fell in love with. I would welcome the opportunity to truly immerse myself in it fully and learn more.

Also, I haven’t missed a dose of my meds once in three weeks now. Yay for managed to be compliant with my medical “cocktail” if you will. But, I’m kinda bored of taking them now. Not so good. The not diet is going well too.

And in other news, Soph and I went to Ladies Lifestyle at the pool this morning. I swam 32 lengths (800 metres) in an hour and was very pleased! CaloriesPerHour.com has this (note for Soph: I put it in as Swimming, freestyle, moderate) as burning 638 calories in 1 hr.

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