I have literally two minutes to update so I can go put a letter in the postbox at the end of the road when I’m done and be back to watch something on TV at 9.

I made a pretty big mistake at work today… the biggest (I think) that I’ve made there so far. I#ve been pretty down about it ever since but I’m just trying to remind myself that I’m not the only person who makes mistakes and that everyone even the client who I had to ring back and correct the advice I’d told her was fine about it. And I caught the mistake myself and automatically started correcting it. Progress I guess.

And to the person who rang yesterday asking for a phone number and was shocked when I said had she tried the phone book, we didn’t have it in our specialist information blah blah blah… I do give out a lot of phone numbers but I work for CAB not 118 118 or Maureen (oooh shes cheap)… deal with it.

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