>All change please, all change

>I had an appt with Dr B this morning. She commented that “You’ve definitely lost weight” so the fact she noticed made me feel good.

I’ve missed one, possibly two doses of meds in the past 4 weeks (can’t remember if i took them on sunday and didn’t last night because of being drunk) which she was pretty impressed by. And, as I told her, for the most part I am feeling more stable.

Her recommendations/the plan is: Vitamin P (aka prozac) is doubled to 40mg daily again as that was more theraputic for me before and it was only halved in April because of my noncompliance issues. I am also going to keep working on my diet in an effort to keep my blood sugar stable to prevent mood swings. And also she has suggested I try Evening Primrose Oil to help with my severe pms.

We also discussed my baclofen as my legs have been sore lately and hopefully a baclofen change will sort it as opposed to stronger pain meds. I already had permission to vary my dose minorly as needed +/- 10mgs each day. We have now come to the agreement that I can alter my dose as I want. up to 20 mg X 3 daily maximum to find out what works best. And maybe I will stop my nighttime dose as we also discussed taking it at the right time of day to get the most benefit and taking a higher morning dose and a lower afternoon dose ratehr than three small doses per day was something we discussed.

Permission to do whatever the hell I want with my meds – I have officially arrived as a medically high maintenance person!

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