>Flowers, etc

>I appear to have been strangely absent this week, I don’t know why. Just the way it’s happened I guess.

I think actually maybe its good for me to blog less but thats a topic for another day! I’ve also been trying to write a post on the “nitty gritty” of CP but that will have to wait for another day. My parents are here at the moment as my brother has something like 15 of his mates from uni staying at their house (they went paintballing today). My mum intends to stay tonight and has informed me that I have to answer the phone when dad calls at 1:30 tomorrow morning to let her know that Soph’s got in ok. I said she can go home if shes that concerned. Anyway they are entertaining themselves (mum did my washing up) but i should get off of this computer.

I walk through a park which is pretty nice and has some lovely flowers on my way to and from CAB. I took some pictures in there on the way home on Wednesday and the one in the header image of this new look is one of them. Talking of pictures, I did a snapfish order this afternoon and ordered something like 430 prints.  By the way, if anyone doesn’t have a snapfish account and wants one please e-mail me first – if i refer you I get 20 free prints.  theprincess[at]wheelchairprincess[dot]com
I also took a couple of pics in my Mum’s garden on Wednesday Afternoon. This is my favourite of all the ones I took. For Chana because she usually asks and I don’t ever know this is a hydrangea (I asked my mum)


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