>Laying Down The Life and Times of Emma Law

>Official admin type note:

From now on comment moderation is in place on this blog. Basically, you can comment but unless you have a previously approved comment it will not show up until I’ve seen and approved it. Pretty much it doesn’t affect anyone just means that the next time you comment it won’t show up here straight away but after that it should do. It does also mean that no@no.com whilst a tempting e-mail address to use is not a good idea.

There’s been a lot of spam on here later (seven pieces in just over 12 hours last night) and I’m hoping that and a couple of new plugin’s I added will catch it all. The plugins are a spam killer (akismet) and an autoclose comments/trackbacks script which means older posts cant be commented on or pinged.

Spam (the food) is wonderful stuff. Spam (the internet nasty stuff) is not. I actually found it quite upsetting to have spam trackbacks left all over the “Letter Unsent” that I wrote to my Nanny on the anniversary of her death – I know its not a real person but STILL!!

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