>”Emma Jane is going to Spain”

>When I was 13 I went on a trip to Spain for a week (or maybe it was five days) with my school. It was in May but we found out that I would be going on the trip around Easter time.

Just before then I wrote a poem for my Gran, I think it was about chocolate but I’m not 100% sure. My Gran used to write me letters and they would be addressed to “Dearest Emma” or “Darling Emma”.

The day we broke up for the Easter Holidays I got one of those letters from my Gran. Just a brief note…. but with it came a card with a flowery design on the front. In which there was a poem that she had written for me as a thank you for the one I wrote for her.

The poem was about my upcoming trip and was called “Emma Jane is going to Spain” I loved that poem so much and I took it to school with me to show everyone because I was so proud of it and of Gran. I kept getting it out to read again and again and dropped it outside of my form room. I was absolutely gutted when I realised I had lost it and then relieved beyond words when I returned to my form room at the end of the day and I found it on the floor with a footprint on the back but relatively unharmed.

I can remember two of the verses of the poem but no more… since Saturday I’ve been hoping against hope with all I am that one day I will finish unpacking my boxes from before I went to uni and find that wonderful card with that oh so special poem handwritten inside.

The Verses:

Emma Jane
Is going to Spain
They say it won’t rain
(Except on the plain)

Through the coach door
Stream the girls of form four
using words on the tour
like ole and senor.

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