>Good: Definitely going on the JST trip in September
Bad: Dependant on medical clearance – shouldn’t be a problem BUT…
Good: Easily getting a medical urgent doctors appointment – and one with MY gp
Bad: I have an ear infection
Good: Meds/cream combination is kicking ear infection ass
Bad: Second ear infection this year.
Good: Alice checked all my training stuff I did for her and was pleased despite a few mistakes
Bad: Finding work stressy and hard to concentrate on
Good: lovely colleagues who realise I struggle to get myself a drink at work and bring me a glass of water AND a full jug so I don’t have to keep asking.
Bad: Working in a bureau thats like a sauna
Good: carers who get it
Bad: Most carers don’t get it

Good: Realise that how I feel is not a depression flare/worsening/relapse thing but completely to be expected and although I hate the word – normal
Bad: completely losing the plot and breaking down this afternoon
Good: having Sam here at the time to remind me that it’s ok to cry, encourage me to let go, hug me and hold me tight telling me she wasn’t going to let go whilst I sobbed.
Bad: Gran died at the weekend necessitating all crying, breakdown horribleness
Good: Carers, work colleagues and friends who lend me books
Bad: I have too many books waiting to be read
Good: I’ve lost so much weight I had to drastically tighten the drawstring on my skirt today.
Bad: I didn’t realise until after my skirt had seriously slipped down and my client pretty much must have seen my knickers.
Good: I’m going to buy new, smaller, clothes on Saturday.
Bad: clothes to wear on Tuesday to the funeral that is

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