>*confused face*

>OK, could someone explain the following to me… I asked one of my carers and also my dad and we’re all stumped.

“Water, for instance, is usually wet and often cold.  In large quantities, if you blow on it hard enough, it gets very lumpy.”

I am definitely going on my tall ship sailing trip (try saying that five times fast!) and received the joining instructions yesterday.  The above is a quote from what I guess is the “foreward” to the booklet of instructions and information they sent.

The majority of that piece raises some good points and is pretty powerful.  However a lot of it states the obvious as it does that and some doesn’t make sense.  It’s also really wordy which I think is where it falls down.  Long sentences (I counted what appeared to be the longest, it had 47 words) are not easy to read.  Neither are large blocks of text with no white space in between but that isn’t a problem in this piece.

Sara (my carer) made the comment that perhaps it gets lumpy because people upchuck in it…
So… any ideas?!  I think we should be able to get some pretty funny explanations for why and how water gets lumpy… send your answers on a postcard (or leave them in a comment!).

Sensible answers are also welcome but funny ones are preferred!

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