>Stop asking questions!

>Dear People of the World,

I know we’ve only just met and I realise that after our brief meeting we will probably never meet again but of course I don’t mind answering your questions!

No, I do not have Multiple Sclerosis
No, I do not have Polio
No, I was not in an accident
Believing in God is not a magic cure to being disabled
I am not like this because I sinned in a previous life
I am not married
And yes I am doing something special this afternoon – I have plans!
Yes, I can hear and speak
I even went to university
I know it’s shocking but I am perfectly capable of being a CAB adviser
The toilet is something I manage just fine, thank you very much!
I do know that I am disabled, I don’t need you to tell me that with a tone of wonder in your voice.
I don’t have kids
CP won’t stop me having kids.
Yes my friends/parents/brother/sister do take me out. But – don’t faint – sometimes I even go out by myself! I even went to Madrid alone earlier in the year!
No, wheeling my wheelchair is not hard work. Neither do I need you to just walk up behind me and start pushing me because “I looked like I was struggling” and they “wouldn’t like to be disabled”

Now, I’ve answered your questions please answer mine:

Are you married?
How many kids do you have?
Can you have kids?
Any problems going to the loo?
What about clothes – what size do you wear?

That walking lark looks like hard work – I shouldn’t like to be able bodied – here I’ll take you off for a ride in my chair and not give you a choice in the matter. I know I just really scared you but I was trying to be helpful and I don’t care what you think!

Oh, well yes, those questions I just asked you were rude and insulting. But guess what? So were the ones you asked me!

The exact details of my life/my health/my disability are none of your damn business. Please shut up and leave me alone.

No Love,

p.s. if, by some slim miniscule 1 in 1,000,000 chance we do become friends I might be happy to answer some of your questions without thinking you are a rude bitch. But yeah, in a current person off the street relationship you stand NO chance!!

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