>Out of action

>My powerchair is currently out of action 🙁

Hopefully only for seven or eight hours until my mum finishes work but possibly for a few days. And it’s my fault it’s out of action. I am c-r-a-n-k-y as well as being an idiot. And I would dearly love to throw a tantrum like a child in the terrible twos about the fact that I was supposed to be doing something new today and now can’t.


EDIT 16:32pm: What had happened was I’d got the lead from the charger caught on my chair and as I’d moved forward it had got wrapped around the wheel again and again. I had thought it would have to be cut as I’d not been able to untangle it. But my Dad put it on manual, got right on the floor next to it and moved the chair and the lead and until they came apart. And it seems as though the charger is still useable! So I’m not so cranky anymore.

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