>Battling on to losin’ it once more.

>No picture post… I can’t find my camera. I am very annoyed by that but very pleased with what I wanted to take photos of! Photos tomorrow.
It is absolutely pitch black outside, you would think it was more like 11pm than twenty to ten. And it was pretty freezing today… more like October than August… I was very tempted to put the heating on but I couldn’t bring myself to at this time of year.

I feel fat. But I’ve been working hard at watching my diet today. It’s driven me crazy at times and Soph deserves a medal for putting up with my ranting about how I couldn’t find my camera/was hungry/wanted chocolate/had hardly any coca schmola today. I’ve been exercising too – I danced around my bedroom for 35 minutes (I made a playlist on iTunes for workout purposes) and Soph and I walked (I wheeled) to the post box at the end of my road and back. I made up a latte mug of lemon and lime tea and sipping at that has helped my hunger.

I am stressed out about my weight and my trip… I’ve gained about three pounds from what the ticker says on my weightloss page (but am due my period around this week – my cycle is all out of sync) and if possible I would like to lose those 3 pounds + 4 more before I go.

It should be doable but I’m not going to stress myself out. I’d rather weigh a few pounds more than I’d like and be healthy when I go sailing than lose a lot and be weak and sick when I’m away. This could very well be a once in a lifetime experience afterall and I am determined to enjoy it and make the most of it.

This morning I felt like I would never get back into the mindset I needed to and I won’t lie – today has been a battle against food and drink all day – but now I’ve made it through it feels as though tomorrow will be easier.

Or at least, I hope so.

If you have any tips, success stories, or words of encouragement for me I would really appreciate them!

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